meera back
Where are you from?

 I was born and raised in Kenya. Some years after completing my undergraduate degree and working for a multinational in Kenya, I felt the urge to come and experience the adventurous, fast-paced vibe in the great city of London.

What did you do in London?

I spent several years in the high profile banking sector, working for a large range of global firms  such as Goldman Sachs and HSBC. I also spent several years training to become a qualified accountant and then enhanced this further with an MBA from a leading European Business School.Working in finance has taught me a broad range of business and analytic skills, not to mention being professional, dynamic and fast paced.

Why Coaching?

 I used to be really shy and was attracted to coaching after seeing the difference it made to my life both in terms of career progression as well as personal well-being and the ability to finally be able to speak up for myself. Since then, the world has opened up to me and my life has blossomed. The decision to become a Career Coach for me has been a natural and exciting next step. I am a people person and from a young age I have been passionate about Personal Development. I realised I didn’t have the ability to completely be myself at work and to engage with people on a deeper level – I wanted to change this. I also noticed this in a lot of my work colleagues. I therefore managed to combine my passion for personal development along with my professional experience to become a Career Coach.

What makes you different to other coaches?

I have developed my own system called the R-I-D Model of Coaching which has helped many clients gain success over the past few years. In addition, when coaching clients, I ensure that their spark is present – this is when the spirit, soul, inner feeling is turned on and given voice. I also encourage clients to tune in and use their Gut Instinct where possible.

I have a very unique coaching approach which is a blend of eastern and western philosophies combining both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ strategies. These softer eastern strategies such as the law of attraction are much more widely accepted now as a concept within professional environments to give lasting success. I have created the RID coaching model which brings together both these theories.

This has helped my clients gain lasting success and is what makes me want to continue to do what I do. [/box]

What else gives lasting success?

I strongly believe that mindset, attitude and emotional connect are vital ingredients to giving my clients sustained success at work and in their personal lives.

How qualified are you?


  • Career Coach, qualified in 2009 with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Qualified accountant (CIMA) and enhanced my business skills with an executive MBA. Highly successful career in programme management in the banking sector including global investment banks.
  • Combined my passion of personal development and corporate experience.
  • I have trained with some of the worlds most Renowned Metaphysical Teachers including Anthony Robbins (Walking on Fire), Sonia Choquette (Dial up your sixth sense), Paul McKenna (Confidence).
  • I am a practitioner of the new age spiritual philosophies and in particular the idea of dialling up your ‘sixth sense’ and tuning into your ‘gut feeling’; a greater awareness of how your mental state creates your reality.
  • I have devised training materials and a coaching programme for a government initiative to help adults get back into work.
  • I have been a training associate for a coaching company delivering training, coaching and workshops under a government contract to help motivate people in prisons, the unemployed and youth at risk programmes.

Workplace worries? Career conundrums? Be proactive, let’s have a chat.

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