Video presentation: The RID Coaching model by Meera Shah

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Step 1:

Reflect: Internal, about making sure you are in the right space and your self esteem is high


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Step 2:

Imagine: Internal and External, Goal setting once self esteem is high

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Step 3:

Do: External, go out and get your goal
In my work, I bring in connecting to your inner feeling, spark and spirit.. and how to give it voice.


Outcomes for the Audience:

– In my talk I will share strategies and tools I use for all three stages that the Audience can take away and practice. Some interactive exercises too.
– Examples at each stage:

  • Reflect  – Some tools and tips on how to increase you Self Esteem
  • Imagine –  Would be how to set a good goal
  • Do  – How to behave when you are going to get your goal

If you would like to find out more about talks from Meera Shah, why not come to one of her meetups with other professionals in London.

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