Here are just a few reviews from my clients.




Great stuff on monday nights talk – totally got where you were coming from – visualisation, law of attraction, loving your-self etc. You’ll be changing lives with your work, keep it up – the world needs more people like you.

AJ, Banker and Property Entreprenuer


Have found Meera’s coaching to be invaluable in learning to identify barriers and key development issues. The coaching she has provided on an individual basis has given valuable insight and helped me to gain perspective in managing my new role and developing my confidence.

Her Finance background has meant that she has provided me with tools to add value
at work and have the confidence to progress. Have definitely noticed the difference.

JS, finance manager, public sector


You were amazing! Thank you! We have already had many positive comments about today’s show. We are definitely going to have you on again sometime!

Let me know if you are ever in the US. I’d love to meet your sexy accent in person!! LOL

Great show!! We gave our listeners a lot of value today. Hopefully for at least an hour, the 3 of us made the world a better place and if we just helped 1 person it was all worth it.

Thank you so much Meera! You have a new fan in me! Let me know if there us anything i can do to help you!

-Jim “Coach” Jones (USA) | 813-716-2554


 I didn’t think I needed any coaching. I thought I could manage by myself, but I wanted to see if some coaching could help me. It was a revelation to meet with and work with Meera.

She helped me address my (lack of) time keeping and showed me how effective I could be if I employed a few simple strategies.
Meera’s style is both insightful and persuasive and she has inspired me to be better at what I do. I feel very lucky to have worked with her and always refer friends and colleagues to her.

-CD, Chiropractor, Owner of multiple Clinics, MSc DC


I knew there was something amiss in my life, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until my life coaching course with Meera.  During the first session, she used a tool that made me qualify different aspects of my life, and after a tearful session, I could pinpoint exactly what was making me unhappy.  That clarity guided the rest of the sessions and allowed me to make specific changes that led to my career change and brought back my former energy and enthusiasm for life.

-SS, Account Director, Weber Shandwick, Asia


I decided to give coaching a try not really knowing what to expect but knowing that I needed something.   Looking at the structure of my life, every aspect of it and what changes I wanted to make gave me clarity and enabled me to focus on the changes I wanted to make and having Meera’s support throughout was invaluable.  I often felt I had taken one step forward and then 2 steps back but Meera kept me on track with my goals which really helped.  I learnt to believe in myself again and rebuild my life.. Life coaching in the form of Meera came along just when I needed it – Thank you!

-MC, Programme Manager, Charity


Meera cuts to the chase by empowering me to find the solutions to take my performance at work to the next level. We worked together on sustainable strategies and triggers that enabled me to meet challenges head on and succeed!

-PV, Strategic Partnerships Director, MEND


Many thanks to you – I have made decisions and I feel so much happier about everything.

-KB, Manager, Met Police



That was terrific! Thank-you so much and the time went so quickly! You have a great program and I really wish you the best with it. Please do keep in touch and definitely let’s do this again.

-Jacqueline, personal client