How can we create real change in our lives?

I believe our well-being and state of mind is the first step to lasting change. Our entire lives aregoverned by how we think and how we feel – and this becomes our reality. And this is what we project out.

What exactly is ‘well-being’ or wellness?

Dr James Chestnut, chiropractor said there are three elements to well-being – Eat Well, Move Well,and Think well. I really believe this to be true. Stress is the number one contributor to all diseases. Certainly, many people who are stressed end up eating, drinking and smoking more, and sleeping and exercising less — tendencies that have obvious negative consequences for our health. To think well is where I specialise and can really help – and where I find most people struggle.

How do you go about helping, what’s your approach?

I have several tools and techniques that I have both personally mastered and used with clients successfully over the last few years – these include things like making changes and decisions (we often know what we need to do but haven’t done it), standing up for your-self, EFT, NLP, meditation, visualisations and many more. The key ingredient is the willingness to change.
Imagine a space within your-self where you are truly aligned to who you are and feeling peaceful and content and grounded – when you are in this place, you feel good and strong and know what you want. This is what I refer to as emotional well-being. From this place, actions will be a lot simpler, and bolder – and your life will feel much easier.

         In Summary

There are many aspects to well-being, including a holistic picture of your life. Life/Wellness coaching

sessions will normally include (although tailored to the client’s specific needs):

– A holistic assessment of your life, highlighting areas that need changing

– Setting some goals and measures for change

– Actions that will help make behaviour changes, identifying any limiting thoughts

– Measuring results

If you are:

Feeling stressed or anxious, not entirely happy with your life, want to make some changes, feeling low

in energy and/or not feeling good – call me for a free consultation to see if I can help.