Welcome to #ME – the Meera Experience.

#ME is all about you.

Your time is limited and it is precious. You probably spend a large quantity of it on work for other people but how much time do you invest in yourself?

Personal and professional well-being is very important and is at the root of better performance, fulfilment and ultimately, happiness.

After more than ten years of training and learning among the world’s greatest minds and coaches, I am now ready to share what I have discovered – the tips, the tricks and all the trimmings which will help you excel in the workplace and exhale at home.

#ME is especially useful for you, if:

  • You are a professional or mid to senior level manager lacking confidence or fearing job security
  • You are a job seeker 
  • You dislike your job and are feeling bored, frustrated or unfulfilled
  • You have a poor relationship with your boss
  • You didn’t get the promotion you feel you deserved or worked hard for
  • You feel undervalued

From Barclays to the Met Police, Meera has helped people get out of their sticky situations. Sometimes it is simply a case of confidence, knowing how to value yourself and speaking up. Often, the issue is more specific and requires a more bespoke strategy.

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